How to make not edging manicure at home

Many girls love to cut cuticle almost “to the meat”, but, alas, this manicure looks good only a couple of days, and then have to repeat the procedure again. Of course, the salon is profitable – the more often you will come, the more they earn. In addition, the nail plate is deformed and spoiled when you repeatedly get rid of the cuticles carrying, among other things, a protective function: it is growing again, it protects the nail from external influence.

cut cuticle almost to the meat

But think, do you really need it? Going for the edging manicure is quite simple, besides, it is the economy and the benefits to your hands. We’ll tell you what most manicurist keep silence of – how to stop cutting cuticle and at the same time keep the fingers in the perfect tidy condition. Read and learn how to do edging manicure step by step!


  1. Make a regular manicure

Make a regular manicure

For a start, do as usual – it is advisable to go to a proven master (believe me, soon you it will be not often) and make manicure. And then it all depends on you.


  1. Push the cuticles after showering

Push the cuticles after showering

The very next day after you have done manicure (last one!), begin to take care of your nails. When hands are steamed, gently push back the cuticles with a wooden stick. This must be done even if it is completely invisible – so you interfere with the cuticle growth. But when it did appear (alas, but it will happen), do not use tweezers (no way!), but with “cleaning” movements – do the same thing and at the sides of the nail plate. The procedure is carried out once a day.


  1. Use oil

oil for the cuticle

Your best friend in the near future should be the oil for the cuticle – several times a day lubricate your fingers with massage. It is not only soften even the most thick cuticle, but also improve blood flow: nails will grow faster.


  1. Buy a tough nail file

Buy a tough nail file

Tough nail file you will need for the side “rollers”, so that no burrs and rough skin appear. Use it when your hands are dry, process each finger, careful not to touch the nail itself. You’ll see, soon you will not have to cut the excess skin – you remove all using the saw blade before it growth. In addition, this simple method helps avoid the appearance of burrs.


  1. Do the combined manicure

Do the combined manicure

Within one or two weeks, you are regularly repeated every 4 steps from our home instruction untrimmed manicure. Certainly, the cuticle will be noticeably thinner and softer, but it does not stop growing yet. Go to a manicure salon for the combined manicure – i.e. the master must not cut all the cuticle, but only small particles which grew after your careful maintenance.


How to make not edging manicure at home

Then you have to repeat all the procedures again – if you have the patience and discipline (important not to forget push the cuticles with a wooden stick every day!), then after a month there will be no need to do manicure. At the same hands will always look well-groomed and neat, even if you do not have time to devote to them a couple of hours. As a rule, women who follow these recommendations visit the salon just once a month.


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