How to make your eyes look bigger naturally with makeup

You want to know how to make eyes look bigger in pictures. There are numerous reasons you’d want to do this – to get the anime look, or to look like a Disney princess. Maybe you want to do it because you’ll look like you’ve lost weight if you make your eyes look bigger. Perhaps you just like the aesthetic effect of having really big eyes.

Luckily, you can achieve this without expensive surgery or wearing uncomfortable contacts. In fact, the secret to appearing to have massive eyes is mostly in the make-up (and other cosmetic hints which we’ll get to at the end of the article.)

There are two major resources for making your eyes look bigger when you do your makeup: eyeshadow and eyeliner. We’ll go through both of those in this article.

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How to make your eyes look bigger naturally with makeupHow to make eyes look bigger with eyeliner

Most people have the tendency to do the exact opposite to what they should be doing with eyeliner – they use it to encircle the entire eye. This is wrong! What this will do is make your eyes look smaller, as though they were peaky and poking out of a black hole. Not the look we want for big, beautiful eyes. What we want to do instead is to use the eyeliner just below the lash line, and avoid going all the way to the inner corner.

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What you can do is extend the line out of the outside corners – this will make your eyes look as if they are extending outwards – further into your temple area.
How to make eyes look bigger with eyeshadow.

The way to use eyeshadow to make your eyes bigger is to think of eyeshadow as actual shadow. We essentially do the same as we did above with the eyeliner – think of where your eyes would cast a shadow if they were bigger, and remember that we don’t want to give our eyes an enclosed feel. As a great starting point, use lighter eyeshadow on the inside of your eyes, and darker shadow on the outside of your eyes – this will give them the appearance of being larger without giving you the “panda” look.

How to make eyes look bigger in pictures

Before we conclude and end the article, it’s worth noting that there are many ways outside of the two we’ve listed when it comes to how to make eyes look Making eyes bigger_2bigger in pictures. Among them are a few key points to take away:

Firstly, like we stated above, symmetry is key. If there’s one dead giveaway that you’re wearing make-up, it’s asymmetries. So with the rest of our tips, key that in mind.
You’ll want to keep your eyebrows trimmed and plucked into shape. Your eyes will look smaller when next to a big set of bushy eyebrows, so keep your eyebrows orderly.

Use foundation across the rest of your face – because your eyes will look bigger if any bumps and unevenness on the skin is reduced and invisible.

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