How to quickly grow bangs at home

A new hairstyle is a simple and easy way for those looking to make a quick change to their image. Bangs are a great way to achieve a fresh new look. The presence of beautiful, long bangs opens up a whole range of alternative hairstyles, ones with which a woman can safely experiment with until she finds the image for her.

Advantages and disadvantages of bangs

Before you decide for yourself whether or not to grow bangs, you need to determine what the advantages and disadvantages are.

The advantages include the following:

  • with the help of bangs you can hide blemishes or reduce the appearance of a high forehead.
  • they allow you to visually adjust facial features.
  • long bangs can help you to look slimmer and younger.
  • with their help you can hide bald patches that arise around the temples and crown.
  • bangs allow you to focus people’s attention, distracting from less desirable features.

The downside of bangs:

  • bangs require you to spend extra time styling, the shorter the length of the hair, the more difficult it is to style properly so that they lie straight, rather than sticking out in all different directions.
  • it’s necessary to constantly maintain the desired length, and for this you will have to visit the hairdresser more often, costing additional time and money.

The question of how to grow bangs quickly and effectively is more difficult than you might think, but if you approach this decision with a pinch of rationality, then you can get the desired result in a relatively short time.

How long does it take to grow bangs?

On average, a person’s hair grows at a rate of 1 cm per month. But experts argue that by using different means of improving hair growth, this figure can be increased to nearly 3 cm per month.

How to manage bang growth?
Remember that you can cut your hair very quickly, but in order to grow hair to the desired length, it may take more than a month and sometimes up to a year.

To speed up the process of hair growth, it is necessary to protect them from any harmful effects:

• Bangs do not tolerate high temperatures very well, so when using an iron or a hairdryer, be sure to use thermal protection.
• Bear in mind that such products as lacquer, foam or mousse are harmful to the hair, therefore, after using such substances, it is necessary to use regenerating masks and balms.
• Use a wooden or plastic comb without sharp teeth as sharp teeth can damage the scalp, which leads to dandruff, after which normal hair growth slows down.
• Note that frequent use of curlers and rubber bands keeps hair constantly under tension leading to greater hair loss and slowed growth.
• Hair coloring is also not conducive to accelerated growth. In most colors, in order for the pigment to work better, ammonia is used, which damages our curls.
• Although the hair must always be clean, washing it constantly is harmful. This is explained by the fact that they get nutrients and fats from the skin, and if you often wash your hair the latter are simply washed off and do not get into their intended purpose. How often you need to wash your hair will depend on the type of hair, its structure and fat content. Consult a qualified specialist to help you determine your hair type.
• Remember that hair loves moisture, so after using shampoo, be sure to use conditioner. Besides the additional moisture, they also provide necessary nutrients. Moreover, you need to drink plenty of water.

What else helps accelerate hair growth?

To answer the question of how to grow bangs and do it as quickly as possible, you must consider your overall body health. To do this, you need to eat right, specifically products high in calcium, as well as copper and zinc.

Vitamins that you can get with food are also very important. To replenish vitamin A it is necessary to eat fish, carrots, and/or liver. Eating cabbage and various citrus fruits will replenish your body with vitamin C, and a lot of vitamin E is found in unrefined vegetable oil. In the pharmacy, you can purchase special vitamin complexes, but before using them, it is better to consult a doctor.

It is recommended to trim the ends of your hair once every 1.5-2 months, to maintain neat and beautiful looking bangs. If you decide to grow it long, then you can trim the tips after it reaches the required length.

5 ways to style growing bangs

Bobby pins and Barrettes

Bobby pins and barrettes are a must in the arsenal of any girl. At the stage of growing bangs, when they fall into the eyes, you cannot do without them. Make a side parting and lay bangs over the forehead or, if the length allows, near the ear. Another winner is an option in which the bangs hide under the long side strands. A stylish hairpin with bows, flowers, or crystals can be a suitable evening accessory.

Hoops, Ribbons and Headbands

Wearing your hair up does not go out of fashion. Most often, stylists propose wearing them like ballet dancers, hiding unruly strands under a knit band. But there are other ideas, such as hoops, allowing you to quickly turn a pile of loose hair into a festive hairstyle. It bares recalling Blair Waldorf, who has not parted with the hoop all six seasons of the series “Gossip Girl”. Bohemian headbands, like those worn on the forehead by hippies, were revived by the Olsen sisters and Misha Barton. Be sure to choose an accessory depending on the occasion, dress and mood.

Lay bangs on the side

The good news is that this season it’s fashionable to have long straight bangs covering the eyebrows. The problem is that very soon the strands will start to crawl into the eyes, causing inconvenience. An alternative to constant trimming, is to lay the bangs to the side. Oblique bangs visually pulls the face and looks good on everyone.

Retro styling

If you’re looking for another twist, add a retro accent to your image. Make a parting exactly in the center, divide the fringe into two parts and twist the rollers in the spirit of the 40s. Fasten the ends over the ear with small clips and spray with a strong hold hairspray.


The Greek braid of bangs along the hairline, whereby short and long strands intertwine and form a kind of rim or crown above the forehead, is still in fashion. To begin with, apply a drop of gel on your hair so that the tips of the short bangs do not stick out in all directions, then braid the hair and fix it. In this case, the rest of the hair can be left flowing, collected in a ponytail or continue weaving.

Now you know how to grow bangs, so experiment, fantasize, and invent a variety of hairstyles. The main thing is that they suit you, so that you always look attractive, extravagant and unique.

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