How to Repair My Cashmere Sweater?

Cashmere Sweaters are a great item to have, style wise. They look sophisticated, and can be used in a range of outfits – from formal to casual and everywhere in between. They are comfortable and look great – but that comes at a cost. A good cashmere sweater isn’t cheap – but it’s an investment. If you look after your cashmere sweater, than it’ll never go out of style.
Sometimes, things go wrong – you get a tear, or your cashmere sweater seems to be shrinking. We’ve put together this guide to help you with three common problems with cashmere sweaters.

How to repair tear in cashmere sweater

The first, and most common way your cashmere sweater will be damaged is by small tears in the fabric. AS with any tears, these will get bigger over time as more wear and tear befalls them. how to repair tear in cashmere sweaterSo you should get this problem fixed as soon as you notice it.
There are three main ways to fix a tear:
1. Get handy with a needle and thread. Essentially, rebuild your garment by creating a new connection between the broken fabrics.
2. Get a home kit. These use a couple of felting needles and a wool-filler kit – and you’ll require no necessary skills with a needle.
3. You can send your garment off to be repaired. Check in your local phone directory or online to find the nearest seamstress or company that’ll fix a tear; they usually cost around $50 dollars and take a couple of weeks to fix your garment, epending on the extent of the damage.

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How to repair cashmere moth holes

Moth holes in cashmere are caused by – you guessed it – moths. Obviously, the first step to securing your garments from cashmere moths is to eradicate any infestation. Your wardrobes are where you’ll find the moths – hibernating during the months where your winter clothing – including your sweater – will be stored. You can keep them away with herbal bags whose scent will distract the moths.
Then, you can proceed as you would with any other tear. With small moth holes, it is easy to sew together the small holes. It’ll leave a small inconsistency in the how to repair cashmere moth holespattern, but unless your cloth has been completely ravaged by the little critters, it’ll be unnoticeable. Of course, if moths have done severe damage, you’ll want to send it to a specialist.

How to repair shrunken cashmere

Finally, you’ll want to know how to fix a shrinking sweater. If you feel that your garment has shrunk, you’ll want to find another garment and trace the outline of your sweater onto the garment. Then hand wash your wool sweater. What you’ll then want to do – when the sweater is still wet and thus more compact, is to use the garment you traced on as a guideline to stretch out your cashmere to the right size for as and when it dries. It may be a bit stubborn – and if this is the case, you should consider using a steamer in order to help with the stretching of stubborn fibres in the sweater.

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