How to stay in a good mood if you’re on a diet

When you lose weight, you will certainly become beautiful and proud of yourself. But the process is still an agony. Hungry people are evil people. How not to quarrel with friends and family while you are on a diet?

Any diet is stress for the body. Reduced caloric diet, changing eating habits and lifestyle in General. People with high adaptive capacity experience these changes relatively easily. But many people face changes in emotional background and mood. How to minimize your conflicts with others and do not stay alone in pride at the end of the diet? Here is you five realistically working rules.

Do not keep on a low-calorie diet

Abandon diets with daily caloric content in 700 kcal and below: because of them you will have problems with your thyroid gland. The less hormones it produces, the slower you will lose weight, and with the mood you will have problems: apathy, sadness, resentment and increased vulnerability.

Is it possible to reduce weight by staying well-fed? It is, if you properly combine foods at meals. They must contain protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. At the same time, even if the caloric content of lunch or dinner (I recommend about 300 kcal) will be small, you will be able to get enough.

Eat foods that you like

There is nothing wrong if you enjoy eating. It is important that in your life it was not the only one. Diet-this is not a reason to completely abandon the calorie but your favorite foods. You don’t have to eat just a steamed chicken breast and chew raw carrots. Among dietary meat enough options to diversify the menu: and rabbit, and Turkey, and lean beef. And you can cook them in different ways: soufflé, baking, stewing…

Also, I do not recommend you to completely abandon yummy. Quality cake, chocolate or marmalade-all this can be present on your table, but in limited quantities. For example, a day you can afford about 100-120 kcal of your favorite dish. A complete ban on such Goodies is fraught with nervous breakdowns and uncontrolled eating up followed by self-flagellation.

Take vitamin complexes

Cutting the diet, we lose some of the nutrients coming to us with food. If we take into account the fact that modern products are, in principle, impoverished with vitamins and minerals, and on the pathway to combat excess weight, many already come with scarce conditions, then additional micronutrient intake can be recommended to all losing weight. Which of them have a greater impact on our emotional background? First of all, it is vitamin D, magnesium and iron. Exact dosages will be recommended by the doctor.

Take a microbiota test

The importance of the normal composition of the microbiota to health and even to nature now writing very much. Violation of the ratio of beneficial and opportunistic bacteria — one cause of excess weight, and increased irritability. Microorganisms account for 60% of the nutrition of our cells, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, absorption of various vitamins and neurotransmitters, in particular serotonin, which is responsible for positive emotions. First, take an analysis of the microbiota, with the help of prescribed medicines reduce the number of opportunistic bacteria to normal, and then you can drink prebiotics to maintain good flora.

Expand the range of pleasures

The problem of many people is that food is almost the only pleasure in their lives. Only it stimulates the release of hormones of joy. Refusal of the usual amount of food is fraught with a decrease in emotional background. What to do in this case? First of all, remember that in the circle of our pleasures is not only food. It is and pleasure for the mind and pleasure for body and pleasure for the soul. Choose from each group something that you like the most. And not just select, and plan when you will do it. For example, not just “I will take a bath every day (body pleasures)”, but at what time and for how long; not “this week I will go to the theater” (pleasure for the soul), but right now buy tickets for a certain date.

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