How to: use baking soda for healthy heels


No secret baking soda is a unique remedy for many diseases. It is used for the treatment of diseases of the throat, and to reduce stomach acidity and to soften the skin of the heels.

Soda is a simple white powder, which is an alkali. If in water, drop a little of this powder, you can see a chemical reaction – the release of carbon dioxide. On the surface begin to rise small bubbles. Note a little antiseptic properties of baking soda, it is also widely used for whitening and eliminate unpleasant odors.

The use of soda contraindications


The use of soda: contraindications

When using baking soda it should be remembered that even it has its contraindications.

  1. As you know, baking soda is shown to settle the stomach acid, so when it falls you should not use this solution. This can lead to deterioration of general condition, and also injury to the membranes of the stomach.
  1. Do not keep your hands or feet in a solution of baking soda for a long time, as it may disturb the pH balance. This can cause the skin unpleasant consequences in the form of dehydration.

Soda for heels recipes


Soda for heels: recipes

Now about the benefits of baking soda for feet. Very often we go to beauty salons to have a professional to cope with such problem as the hardened heels skin.

However, a folk remedy can be used at home to achieve same a result. This miracle substance is called soda.


Bath for heel with baking soda

To prepare the solution you need to take soda (3 tbsp.) and 5L of water. Mix soda with hot water, it is desirable to do so in the basin, so it would be convenient to use. The feet must be immersed in the resulting solution for 15 minutes.

To achieve necessary result, course is necessary, which is 5 to 7 days. Every day the skin will become softer and will gain a healthy shape.  You can also use pumice, it will help to get rid of unwanted growths. At the final stage is to use the foot cream and do light massage of the feet. The use of baking soda remedy for rough heels is known since ancient times. Now many, in spite of the enormous number of cosmetic products to combat this problem, prefer folk, tested by centuries.

Bath for heel with soda


Bath for heels with baking soda and essential oil

If you want to receive a quicker effect of a soda bath, you can add essential oil. At the end use soda paste, which removed the stratum corneum. With this application, not only softens the skin but also the relaxation effect is achieved. Relieves fatigue, and with regular use can get rid of intense sweating.


Baking soda fights fungus and odor

Soda for the heels helps to fight against various fungal species. It is noticed that the addition of soda into the shoes and keeping it there within a few hours can remove the odor.

How to use baking soda for healthy heels


Concluding from the above, it turns out that baking soda is one of the unique funds. It can help to fight diseases, to use for washing dishes and to combat smells, and most importantly make your heels more beautiful and smooth.

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