How to wear dress with sneakers

Sneakers are comfortable shoes. Dresses are the hallmark of a stylish lady from any era. Yet it’s really hard to get the two worlds to meet. This article will help you pick outfits which are great using both ingredients.

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Maxi dress with sneakers

Hippy-chic is what you’ll look like if you try and pair a pair of sneakers with a maxi dress. As you’ll look like a hippy-chick, you’ll want to get a style of maxi-dress and a style of sneaker that maximizes this look. For instance, you could go for a floral patterned dress, and a set of white sneakers. One thing is for sure – bold, bright and naturalistic color combinations work by far the best for this combination.

maxi dress with sneakers

Wedding dress with sneakers

A lot of you will be reading this and wonder what we’re thinking – a wedding dress with sneakers! Surely, you would never see such a thing in a bridal magazine. However, you can wear a dress with sneakers – even a wedding dress. Sneakers with a wedding outfit are ideal for the kooky bride who doesn’t mind breaking convention. They can also be useful for the poor bride who is expected to remain standing throughout the service and then dancing throughout the reception. If such a bride should sneak away and change from uncomfortable heels into bridal sneakers, then most guests will be none the wiser, and she’ll be able to save her feet for the honeymoon!

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wedding dress with sneakers

Short dress with sneakers

The key here is to go all out with the rebel style. A short skirt says rebellious femme fatale in a way that a skirt that comes down to a calf never could. Don’t be half and half then, with professional, ready-to-go-to-work sneakers and a short skirt. Instead, go all out as a manic-pixie dream girl if this is the look you are going for. Pair it with an angled blouse or blazer, and you’ll complete the look to perfection.

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short dress with sneakers

Summer dress with sneakers

The key here is to avoid looking too masculine. We want to look like a girl who might have slipped into a pair of boy’s shoes, and not a boyfriend who happens to have a thing for wearing his girlfriend’s frilly dresses. As such, avoid at all costs completely athletic looking shoes – instead going for more of a loafer type shoe. No shoes that look like you could work in them either. If it looks like it has utility, it’s the wrong shoe.

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Also, try and pick a dress which accentuates your curves. This will add to the femininity.

summer dress with sneakers

How to wear a dress with wedge sneakers

Wedge sneakers require a specific type of dress to look good. Also, you’ll need to be a veteran at walking with wedges – you can have balance issues if you don’t, and looking good is never a case of being sprawled out on the floor because you’ve lost balance.

dress with wedge sneakers

Sneaker wedge outfits have attitude. However, because of their innate attitude, you don’t want to follow along and accentuate like we suggested above. You’ll look like a stripper if you do. Instead, pick a sophisticated dress. That way, you’ll give off the impression that you’re edgy and unique, without looking like you need to learn some manners.

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