How to wear high heels without pain all day

Women loves heals, they does not just increase height but also makes your body posture hot and sexy. Makes your calves looks amazing. But do you know, wearing heels whole day cause pain and other problems like itching and you have to spend long hours in ice bath to recover. There are many myth regarding to these pain, some people says that wearing heels can cause of you internal injuries and damage your bones etc. But there is no truth about these myth.

If you are wearing heels all day and have pain problem, its mean you are not wearing heels right at all or if you are wearing heels rights, you are not walking properly or in other ways you don’t know how to carry heels all day. Following i am sharing some secret tops to wear high heels comfortably all day without pain and hurting.

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how to wear high heels without pain all day

Tips on how to wear high heels comfortably

First of all you need to know the right type of high heels which suits you. Just because one of your friend is wearing them does not means its suits with your feet too. So try different types of high heels and see which gives you more comfortable.

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The second tips regarding to wearing high heels comfortably is to know you brand. Go with some international heels brand which has positive customer review. Remembered that a cheap and uncomfortable heels really can cause some serious problems in your feet specially if you are wearing them for whole day. So, make sure that you go with high quality of high heels and no compromise with your comfortable.

how to wear high heels comfortably

Selecting the right size can help you a lot in getting rid from high heel pain. One of the main cause of high heels hurting is the small size. Even in little big size you does not feel comfortable. If you did not found high heels which fit in your feet, use cushions and insoles.

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How to wear high heels everyday

Practice at home: Practice makes you perfect. So, start from you home to know how to wear high heels all day. This will not just make your walk perfect but also helps you to know which wearing technique is best for you.

Take slow and smaller steps: High heels are not like other types of heels, to feel comfortable you need to walk very slow and take small steps when you are walking and don’t bend your legs or try to bend as low as you can.

how to wear high heels without pain all day

Walk from heel to tow not tow to heel: One of the main cause of high heels is to not walking from heel to toe. You did not put your whole foot down even if you are walking with normal shoes.

Walk straight: Remembered that when you are wearing high heels, you need to walk straight even when you have to turn during walk just like catwalk models. Walking straight could be difficult for some newbie so keep trying and watch online videos of catwalk shows and see how does models walk on ramp.

Massage your feet: Wearing high heels all day is not really something easy to carry, even if it does not hurt or cause pain you still need to massage your feet. Massaging will help to increase blood circulation and refresh the veins of your feet which means you can wear high heels next day without having any fear of pain and hurting.

how to wear high heels everyday

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