How to maintain mental balance

It is no secret that the life of a modern man is full of information and events. And it is not always possible to maintain a mental balance among the many negatives that occur at every step. It is impossible to focus attention on everything, because life will be unbearable and will turn into a solid black stripe.

They say,”what you see depends on how you look.” Indeed, so and there is. It is not necessary to perceive clearly what is happening (good or bad). Always try to look on the other side of the coin and look at everything from the other side. Perhaps now you feel that everything is bad and hopeless life, but you don’t know what awaits you tomorrow or even in an hour. There is a remarkable expression “accidents are not accidental”. So try to understand the meaning: why is this happening or happened? It is necessary to learn from life lessons and remember that negative experience is experience too.

Of course, everyone wants everything in life to be smooth, interesting and positive. But, unfortunately, not always our consciousness gives in to control and gives the chance to program the thoughts.

Make your happiness

The first thing to recommend is to adjust the circle of communication. It is necessary to try to minimize or completely exclude from the list of interlocutors those people who bring sadness, melancholy and despondency. Such communication will bring nothing but a portion of the next negative thoughts and severe States on the soul. Find those with whom you can have fun and interesting time. It can be old school friends, classmates, colleagues, anyone. Well, if you have common passions and interests.

Think about your thoughts

The second, as hard as it may be, learn to control the direction of their thoughts. If you feel that sound somewhere else very remotely sad notes, try to switch your attention. If this does not work, then find the cause of negative moods and, if possible, eliminate it or minimize its impact on the mood.

Turn on a good comedy or a favorite song that can help cheer you up. Transfer about crime, news, on the contrary, it is some time off and immediately change channels. Such TV shows only strain and cause alarming States. You can watch a program about nature, listen to a classical music concert or a good, high-quality humor.

Create a personal diary where you can describe the events and write down your thoughts every day. So you will be able to track how to form certain thoughts in your subconscious.

Stay alone with your thoughts

Sometimes it’s good to be alone. Find a quiet place where you can stay alone with your thoughts. Outdoors, in the Park, in the grove sit down and allow yourself to stop time, do not run and do not fuss. There are only you and your thoughts. Contemplate, dream and breathe slowly, deeply. The latter will help to calm down and tune in to the right wave.

Enjoy your life

Being optimistic and enjoying life is also an art. Someone gifted more, someone less. But everyone can learn it. The main thing-to want and never turn off the course. Remember that the world is beautiful, and all the negativity that is in it is superficial and temporary, and sooner or later it will end. Say to yourself: “Everything will be fine! I believe!”. Perhaps this “good” will not be what you expect it to be, but can you be sure that it should be the only way to do it in any other way? If so, it will be very difficult to enjoy life. And if you accept, accept and look at the other side, it will not be so bad. Makes sense. Smile more often, play sports and communicate with good people.

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