Masks for growth and density of hair at home

Do you think your hair has lost volume and become less dense than before? Note the number of hairs that remain on your hairbrush daily. If the number of fallen hair is seriously different from the norm, which is an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day, take a closer look.

If the hairs are present “bulbs”, do not waste time, consult a trichologist. If the hairs just broke down or fall out with little intensity, in most cases you will be helped by more careful care. We picked up a few interesting and effective recipes of masks for the growth and thickness of hair.

Struggling with the fragility of hair becomes brittle from improper care, from the effects of adverse factors and lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet. Revise your lifestyle, protect your hair from the sun. Add vegetable oils and fatty fish to the menu.

Visit the trichologist, he will appoint a course of vitamins, usually iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins a, B, C, E. Change your usual shampoo to softer.

Try to prepare almond yogurt for hair restoration and use it a couple of times a week. The recipe is simple: half Cup of ground “in the dust” almond gradually add the milk until the mixture reaches the consistency of sour cream. Apply it to your hair and leave for a couple of hours. After about a month the hair will stop breaking and start to grow more intensively.

Stop hair fall

Hair loss can be as simple trouble caused by improper care of them, and SOS signal received from the body. Therefore, it is important to correctly identify the cause and deal with it and its consequences.

Forget about bad habits: Smoking and alcohol harms blood vessels, blood circulation deteriorates, hair bulbs do not receive nutrients. Test your hormones: the use of contraceptives, endocrine diseases, pregnancy, menopause can seriously affect the quality of hair. Refer to the trichologist: he will check whether you have alopecia – pathological hair loss in some areas or the entire head.

Help stop or prevent hair loss can honey tincture to strengthen the roots. In a glass container, which can then close, mix a glass of brandy, a Cup of honey and a Cup of coarse sea salt. Securely seal the container, place it in a dark cool place. Thick “tincture” will be ready in about two weeks.

Apply part of the resulting mass to the roots, put on the head of a plastic cap and wrap a towel. After an hour wash, just rinse your hair without using shampoo. You can even replace shampooing this procedure the hair will be very dirty. A couple of treatments per week will be enough – in two weeks you will notice the difference. Hairs will cease to fall out and become thicker. An added bonus is the volume.

Accelerate hair growth

Sometimes the hair begins to fall out, and their growth slows down due to malnutrition. To hair were solid, it is necessary to eat foods and drugs containing vitamins B5, B6, C, PP, as well as calcium, zinc, magnesium. Moreover, when taking calcium, it should be borne in mind that it is well absorbed only at the same time as taking vitamin D. also in the menu, you need to include products containing iron and protein.

Chocolate mask for hair growth will also help to speed up hair growth. Mix half a Cup of yogurt, a teaspoon with the top of cocoa powder and an egg. Carefully stir, can be a blender. Apply one third of the resulting mass to the roots of the hair. Allow it to dry a little and apply the second same portion. Later some time-a third portion. Put a plastic cap on your head and wrap it with a towel.

After 20-25 minutes rinse diluted in water with a mild shampoo and rinse decoction of herbs if you have light hair. Make a mask 2-3 times a week. The hair will become more thick after 2-3 months.

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