How not to get tired of each other? 5 secrets of a harmonious relationships

Perhaps harmonize relations with beloved are the most important thing in life. Share some secrets of how to keep the “Well-being In Home”.

Change your day`s routine

It`s the most banal but ordinary and efficient way. Are you going shopping on Sundays? Let`s try to go on Saturday! Always ordered a dinner home, and tomorrow, try to go to the restaurant. Usually go to blockbusters, but that’s a great Comedy came out! Sometimes you can afford luxury. Cancel all plans and spend the day with your loved. If something is repeated more than three times a week, it can already be considered routine, but once you change at least one detail — and you will immediately notice the change. The main thing is to do it together. There is some common knowledge which keep the family harmony: ability of trust, forgiveness and have a common wish to reach goals. Also I`d like to add an important detail. It`s shared pastime. It no importance what married couple are going to do – walk the streets or skiing. The main things are memoirs which you will get warm and happy feelings throughout your life.

Surprise each other

Surprises are important too. You can surprise each other something global like unexpected buying tickets Spa-resort and you can do something simple like bouquet of daisies on the pillow, love-letter in the pocket of the jacket or send a selfie when he has a meeting. Everything depends on your fantasy. Your partner will know that everything you do is crazy and unpredictable.

Share duties

A joint housekeeping, which is so depressing inspired romantics, may also be pleasant if you do the assignments together. You wash the dishes, and he wipes. You sweep and he’s vacuuming. Don’t forget to turn on the rhythmic soundtrack! There are a lot of advantages in this separation of duties. First, you will no longer think that you are doing everything alone. Secondly, joint walks and theaters — of course, everyone is able to do it, but only the “one”can work with a rag. And third, look around-cleanliness! There is no time to miss and quarrel with those couples who, despite the different characters and habits, always strive to meet each other. It means to live in harmony with the beloved.

Find time for yourself

If you are together, but everyone does their job, this does not mean that you do not have to talk about. Just each person from time to time it is necessary to be alone with him. You can look through the magazine and enjoy your favorite juice while the spouse furrows the Internet, or watch the TV series while he is rooting for his favourite team. Imagine that you are a delicate pear and he is juicy apricot. It seems to be different, unique fruits, but together you are a great duo. The pear remains the pear, and the apricot remains the apricot. Remember the final shot of the film “Notting hill” with Julia Roberts: she breathes the air in the Park, and he reads. And the fact that the characters are together but busy with their own Affairs, only strengthens the harmony of their relations.

Find an outlet for yourself

Many of us find the meaning of our life in a partner. There is nothing wrong with grooming and cherishing a loved one. But from close attention, care and control 24 hours a day seven days a week can be tired. If in the described example you see yourself and do not want to strangle the freedom of your loved one, try to switch to something and find something for yourself. Start making jewelry with your hands, paint pictures, knit, sign up for dancing, yoga or Italian lessons, get out to meet friends in karaoke. There are thousands options. Even if the first time you constantly chase to think about partner — not frightening, but, returning home, you both will have something to tell each other for dinner.

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