How to preserve the youthfulness of the skin

To avoid wrinkles, age spots, dull complexion and other signs of aging, it is not enough to use advanced creams and innovative serums. To care for the skin must be consistently, regularly and comprehensively. As precisely, tell our experts. In skin care all individually. And yet there are recommendations that will suit everyone. We asked leading experts in the field of dermatology and cosmetology to name a universal rule that will help to delay skin aging.

Learn to relax

Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, General Director of the Clarins Group, advises: “As often As possible, relax your facial muscles and relax yourself. When you are tense, without noticing it, you are clenching the jaw and frowning. As a result, between the eyebrows, wrinkles are laid, the tips of the lips are lowered. Relaxed face looks calm and attractive.  Regularly do breathing exercises. For a few minutes forget about the problems, find a quiet place, take a comfortable position and breathe slowly, if possible with your nose, effortlessly, gradually extending the exhalation. This helps to saturate the cells with oxygen, gives the face freshness and radiance. Rinse your face with cool water during water treatments. This technique supports skin tone.”

Three main stages

Dr. David Orentreich, a leading dermatologist at Clinique, recommends every day, morning and evening to repeat three simple steps: cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. The composition and format of the products depends on your skin type. Thus, you can clean your face and dermatological soap (if you have oily skin), and delicate foam (if it is sensitive).

Many exfoliate the skin from case to case, using hard peeling agents, but this is not quite true. “Along with the appearance of new cells, a layer of dead cells is formed on the surface of the skin. In the morning, you need to remove the layer that formed over the night. Therefore, clean and exfoliate the skin should be morning and evening. Facial care is akin to charging — it is better to do regularly developed specifically for your program, than from time to time to overload the body with intense exercise,” says David Orentreich.

Water is everywhere

“Care products moisturize the skin by only 20% in the outer layer. The remaining 80% of moisture comes with food, drink and dietary supplements, ” says star dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad, Creator of his own line of cosmetics Dr. Murad. The expert argues that the water that is necessary for the cells to function properly, most correctly obtained from food-fresh vegetables and fruits. They should form the basis of the daily diet.

In cosmetics, it is better to give preference to creams with components that attract and retain moisture inside the cells. These are lecithin, hyaluronic acid, vegetable extracts (cucumber, aloe), oils (Shea tree and borage seeds).

Simple movement

French aesthetician Joëlle Ciocco, the Creator of the author’s methods of massage of the face and consultant of the brand L’oréal Paris, says that any withdrawal must be supplemented by self-massage. It takes from 3 to 5 minutes, suitable for all ages and skin types, increases the effectiveness of cosmetics. First, you need to improve the lymph flow. To do this, press simultaneously with the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands on the skin, moving from the top down – from the forehead to the décolleté. Then you need the thumb and forefinger of both hands, gently grab and lift the skin without stretching it too much. Such pinching movements need to work out the whole face, neck and décolleté. In conclusion, you need to Pat yourself with your fingers on the face to the skin slightly blushing. Such “slaps” stimulate blood circulation, enrich the skin with oxygen and increase its tone.

Less but better

London byuti-terabit John Tsagaris, the Creator of the cosmetic line Skin Point Eight and the author of a rejuvenation technique based on acupuncture, States that most women use the wrong products: “For example, it is believed that the more money you cause, the better.” “But the more many will be on your face, the more they will provoke the appearance of bacteria, blackheads and inflammation — continues John. – It’s better to have less effect on the skin. Oily skin is contraindicated to cover too thick layer of cream, and dry can not use light textures.”In addition, John Tsagaris advises more often to go to baths, saunas and Spa treatments. They improve trophism of tissues, accelerates metabolism, opens and cleanses the pores, cleans the skin from dead skin cells and make it more receptive to cosmetic remedies.

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