Show off your jewelry – and I’ll tell you who you are

A woman is always a mystery. But to others she gives little clues to her mysterious inner world. These hints – is a jewelry person solely wear to express herself. Psychologists declassified codes of women’s jewelry.


Tasteful jewelry

If the decorations are tasteful, the woman has a healthy self-esteem.

Tasteful jewelry


Wooden jewelry

Decoration in wood prefer creative types, with a wide range of interests. Such women do not forgive lies, what should keep in mind her fans. You should be completely honest with the beloved, even a small fraud will be the reason for the break. But these women know how to listen and to comfort. That is why they are always up to date with everything that is happening in the circle of friends and even acquaintances.


Jewelry of plastic

Jewelry from plastic choose women prudent and practical. They tend not to be in the clouds. Have their own opinion and know how to defend it. They are very difficult to force to do something, cannot stand the pressure. Happy to make new friends. Each of the following is considered first love and true love.

Jewelry of plastic


Metal jewelry

Original small metal jewelry choose ladies, who need protection, and believe that the beauty of the soul is more important than the beauty of the body. Expensive gifts, lots of flowers, no other external attributes of love will help you win their mysterious heart. They just need true feelings.


Beaded jewelry

Beads prefer nature impressionable and cheerful. However, they are easily controlled, influenced by a stronger personality.

Beaded jewelry


Jewelry of a copyrighted work

Decoration of a copyrighted work liked by liberated women, who hate stereotypes. Sometimes they look down on others. Selfish, trying every way to emphasize their particularity, want to be elected. Spending too much time to look stylish and original. Afraid to get lost in the crowd. Avoid events, places with large crowds. When choosing a life partner their are very picky.


Vintage jewelry

Jewelry with history (vintage) choose a sentimental and romantic woman, who often experience a longing for a happy childhood. This is a good wife and wonderful mother who honor family traditions, cherish the comfort of home. Home and family take first place in their list of important things.

Vintage jewelry


Classic jewelry

Classic ornaments worn by the modest women. Perhaps, in their lives many worries to think about their appearance once, so they wear jewelry that blends perfectly with any outfit. Or these women are considered with the conventions and live by the rules. Simple at first glance also seem very expensive jewelry, which testify to the high status of their owner. These women know their value, and it is so great that they do not need to wear flashy jewelry.


Expensive jewelry

If decoration were selected with the intent that others wondered how much money was spent on them, their owner, thus, wants to prove herself. This woman dreams of fame and loves power, surrounding himself henpecked husbands. She is always a little what she has, she’s always dissatisfied with themselves and the world.

Expensive jewelry


Big jewelry

Frilly, large, flashy jewelry indicate a desire to be the center of attention, because where else to be their owner. This active and expressive woman. She can make out of nothing not a salad, not a hat, but a scandal. Doesn’t love, but allows others to love themselves.


No jewelry

No jewelry is an alarming signal. Perhaps this woman is disappointed in her man. She lacks of self-esteem. She doesn’t pay attention to herself.



If a woman wears jewelry, it means she loves herself. And who knows how to love herself, will be able to fall in love with another person. She loves herself and loves life.

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