Simple carrot face mask recipes

Carrot mask – the simplest antiaging remedy encouraged to do throughout whole year. The reflection in the mirror will change for the better, if carrot mask will be applied. Contraindications to such masks use are allergic to any of the components of ready mask mixture. Therefore, we recommend testing for sensitivity before mask use.

Simple carrot face mask recipes


Tested carrot face mask recipes

  • carrot face mask and cream

Grind one medium carrot into a fine puree and mix with a teaspoon of cream. This mask has a positive effect on dry skin, makes it smooth and reduces wrinkles.


  • carrot face mask with egg white

Carrot fragmented mass in the amount of a spoon mix with carefully whipped to a froth eggs white. Dilute the resulting mix with flour until the density. This mask is suitable to owners of oily skin, it has pores-tightening effect and reduces sebaceous secretion.

carrot face mask with egg white


  • carrot face mask with milk

Two tablespoons of carrot puree mix with three spoons of milk. Carrot-milk facemask effectively reduces inflammation and makes the skin soft.


  • carrot face mask with potatoes

Two spoons of fresh carrot juice mix finely with one yolk and spoon the warm mashed potatoes. This mask helps fight teenagers blackheads and acne, stops the development of inflammation.

carrot face mask with oatmeal


  • olive oil carrot face mask

Grated on a small grater medium carrot mix with one fresh egg yolk and two teaspoons of olive oil. Regular use of this composition eliminates the face peeling patches.


  • carrot face mask with starch

Two spoons of carrot puree mix to one spoon of potato starch, beat with egg whites and lemon juice in a volume of a teaspoon. The recipe is suitable for oily skin, tightens pores and reduces the form of pigmentation.


  • egg yolk carrot face mask

One spoonful of cream rub to one yolk and mix with carrot puree in amount of two table-spoons. Mask is suitable for very dry facial skin.

carrot face mask with egg white


  • carrot face mask with oatmeal

One spoon of olive oil connect with two spoons of freshly squeezed carrot juice. Drive in the mix a spoonful of sour cream, one egg yolk and two spoons of oat flour. Such a complex composition perfectly imbues all the skin layers with all necessary minerals.

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