How to have time to do all the house chores

Working women are wondering: how to become an ideal hostess? Naturally, it is hard to go to the office every day and keep up with everything around the house. However, it is not uncommon for Housewives to do all the work. How to have time to do all the house chores and at least a little time to devote to themselves? After all so you get tired behind this daily turmoil and there is a wish at least a little rest.

Planning-the basis of the daily routine

Forget the turmoil, things don’t have to be spontaneous. Plan your time. Do it as you will be comfortable. You can create a schedule for the week or plan your “tomorrow” every night. A good idea is to have a diary, it will become an indispensable thing in a week and will bring thoughts in order.

Distribute your time so that the performance of “unloved” cases does not stretch for the whole day, let them take a minimum of time.


And now cooking. A good idea would be to cook a side dish for a couple of days, and to him every time to come up with some new dish. Twice a week cook hotter, two or three times cook side dish. Will emerge more free time. Try to make preparations for Breakfast the night before. In the morning it will be much easier to come up with a healthy and light Breakfast, a great effort will not warm it up.

Plan your menu so that perishable foods are used first. If you bought a big piece of meat, divide it into portions and freeze (minced meat, chops, goulash, etc).

Buy products in such quantity not to” throw out ” then a half of the family budget. Go to the store and the market with a ready list of products and thoughtful menu. Perfectly to do this times in week, but can be this term and drag out. This approach will save budget and time.


Cleaning the apartment seems to be the most difficult task, but it is not a problem if you “scatter” business days. Today, sweep, vacuum and MOP the floor. Tomorrow we wash and iron. The day after tomorrow, RUB the taps and clean the stove. It’s easy to clean up. It’s a lot harder to maintain. Therefore, to this activity did not challenge this weekend, take a daily 20-25 minutes to clean the house. Home appliances help you!

In the privacy of your’s own mind

Let’s move on to the nicest. How to pay more attention to yourself? Again, it is necessary to resort to planning. Get your notebook. On Monday, engage in hair-make a mask, experiment with styling. Tuesday is a day of beautiful legs, take care of heels, do a pedicure or invite a master. Fill all the days of the week with care.

Not think, that this is nonsense! If you devote time only cleaning and cooking, you can quickly turn into a complex and unkempt housewife. It is necessary to be engaged not only the appearance, but also health. Why would a man want a wife who only knows how to clean and cook? Remember – you need your family healthy and happy. Self – care is one of the main tasks for each day.

Develop yourself if you don’t want to degrade. Let’s say you are engaged in self-improvement, attend courses. Don’t stop there. When children grow up, there will be more time, you can organize a small business: trading on the Internet, selling cupcakes for the nearest coffee shop, knitting or sewing to order. Don’t waste time watching TV shows.

All these wisdom will help you organize your time properly, do not get tired and delight your loved ones. You are a woman, not a machine for homework, so such days of idleness are not excluded. You don’t want to do anything? Do notdo it. Keep it simple.

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