How To Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Many women are interested in how to learn how to create perfect winged eyeliner.

To do this, you should follow certain recommendations:

  • it is best to use a rotating mirror with a stand, which, if necessary, can be adjusted, and turn in the right direction. It shouldn’t be too small.
  • You need to make eye wings in good light. If it’s daylight, you need to make sure the sun doesn’t Shine straight into your eyes.
  • When applying the contour, the hands should not be on weight: it is necessary to lean on a hard surface.
  • Do not make eye wings on a completely closed eye.
  • If you can not make a straight line entirely, you can first make a few small strokes, then gently combine them.

Note! Despite the abundance of educational materials on the Internet, not all women can understand how to create winged eyeliner.

For beginners, you can advise to use special stencils, sketches of which can be found online, buy, or make yourself. Such a stencil should be applied to the eyelid, then circled along the lines of the contour.

How to choose the shape and color of the eye wings

An artists recommend choosing the eye wings based on the shape and color of the eyes, the type of color type of appearance, and the image as a whole.

Basic tips:

  • for everyday make-up, as well as creating a business style, you should choose the classic thin eye  wings made in black, gray or brown pencil.
  • Wide lines, as well as eye wings with the effect of “cat’s eye” will be appropriate when creating an evening glamorous make-up. In this case, you can use colored eye wings.

  • Blondes with light skin is better to abandon the bright massive black eye wings. Such girls should pay attention to shades of brown, blue or gray.
  • Goldilocks suitable color arrows of chocolate and green palette.
  • To create a bright and extravagant image, you can use the technique of a double arrow consisting of several “screaming” and “poisonous” colors.
  • When choosing the color of the eye wings should pay attention to the color of the eyes. Options arrows in accordance with the shade of the eyes are shown below.

Eye color

What color you can make eye wings  


all shades of blue, silver, beige, gray, brown, turquoise


green, black, beige, turquoise


black, khaki, brown, purple, lilac, beige

The correct eyelid make-up will help a woman to emphasize her individuality, to make her image unique, and also help to hide flaws. Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly study how to draw wings on the eyes. For beginners, this lesson requires daily practice. Theoretical knowledge of all the subtleties and rules, as well as daily training, will help to become a professional in this matter.

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