Tips for hair care at home

Over the winter, our hair felt incredible stress. The temperature changes, the hats, the lack of nutrients has made it dull, brittle and lifeless. Now is the time to rehabilitate them.


First of all, get rid of split ends.

Trim your ends at least 1-2 cm, this will give hair a healthier and well-groomed appearance. Trim the split ends to once every two months.


Tips on hair nutrition

A remarkable effect has a hair mask that is easy to prepare at home. Take a tablespoon of honey, castor or burdock oil (oil of better slightly warm), fresh lemon juice and egg yolk. Stir and apply the resulting mass on the scalp and hair. Leave for an hour, then shampoo. The mask will have a greater effect on your hair if you wear a plastic cap and wrap with a towel on top.

Tips on hair nutrition


Castor oil combined with vodka is a great remedy for hair loss. This simple recipe really helped get rid of hair loss after childbirth and cause hair in order. After three months of regular rubbing the hair roots with this mixture, my hair became thick and shiny, and most importantly, stopped falling out!  To prepare this mixture, mix 2/3 castor oil with 1/3 of vodka and massage into the hair roots. Wrap hair with warm towel and leave for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water without shampoo. Effect will feel at once, but in 2-3 months the hair would become stronger and dense.


Yogurt mask strengthens hair very well. It also helps prevent dandruff and makes hair silky. Apply warmed yogurt on hair and scalp. Put on a shower cap and leave on for 20-30 minutes. After this, wash the mask with warm water and shampoo. The procedure is best done once or twice a week.


Systemize your everyday care

A few minutes a day devoted to personal care will allow you to feel energetic, beautiful, confident woman. The main rule is to care for yourself every day.

get rid of split ends.

Self-care at home should be systematic and comprehensive. Bringing yourself in form only from time to time will not help to achieve the desired result. Do not forget about walks in the fresh air, and your body will tell you “Thank you”! After all, beauty and health – are interrelated. Proper diet, regular exercise will help you not only become slimmer and more attractive, but also to maintain their health. But health, as you know, you cannot buy for any money!

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