Tips: How to choose the right eyebrows for round face

Today makeup artists agree that eyebrows play the most important role in the overall perception of the face. To go along with them, just look at pictures of celebrities who have changed together with the change in the shape of your own eyebrows. Therefore, it is important to give this part of the face special attention.



How to choose eyebrow shape

First of all, you need to look for an option that will make the proportions more harmonious. In the last few years, the fashion for eyebrows, plucked thin thread, was relegated to the back burner. No matter your face is round, oval or rectangular, they should be sufficiently broad and natural.



How to find the arc form

The most suitable for round face option can be called a slightly curved shape of the wing. The fracture must not be unnatural, it will give your face a surprised look. Remember a simple rule: the larger facial features and the more eyes, the more cool can be a fracture. If you are the owner of a low forehead, give preference to a more direct line of average length.

Straight shape is also suitable for some types of round faces: it allows you to balance the facial features. In this case, there is a danger to visually make cheekbones broader, so experiment with the direct form careful.

We can say that chubby girls are not perfect round shape. She, like straight, makes the face broader and even visual weight.



3 main principles of care of eyebrows

Find your form

This can be done with the help of a specialist. Even if you plan to care for your eyebrows by yourself for the first time should consult a professional makeup artist who will teach you to apply makeup and adjust the shape correctly.

Don’t do the tattoo

Examples of successful tattooing of the face simply does not exist. Most likely, you will very much regret, but the face looks the most unnatural.

Pick up quality cosmetics

Pencil, eye shadow and gel for eyebrows is a necessary minimum, which will help you to do both casual and evening makeup.

eyebrows shape

What kind of eyebrow shape do you prefer for a round face?

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