Tips to get smooth elbows and knees


Even women with very delicate skin may have problems with the elbows and knees. We are not talking about arthritis or arthrosis, but roughness. Hard dark skin on a woman’s knees and elbows doesn’t adds to the charm. How to properly care for these parts of the body?



How to start caring for elbows and knees



To start caring for elbows and knees should be massage. Help in this are tough mitten or sponge, which needed to rub the rough places while taking a shower. You can use any mild shower gel or favorite soap.



After that comes the turn of peeling, it is better to take a remedy with large particles. These treatments accelerate blood circulation and beneficial effect on the skin. Slowly rub elbows and knees with circular motions. It is advisable to do it with palm to feel the pressure and not damage the skin. When you are finished exfoliating, you should rinse the elbows and knees water.



On the mopped dry knees and elbows, apply a cream. If you have dry skin take oily cream for dry and sensitive skin. In patients with severe peeling or cracking need to use emollient cream.



Take vitamin A

Very often the cause of flaking is a lack of vitamin A. You can add it to the cream (oil solution of vitamin A sold in pharmacies), and can be taken orally. Large amounts of this vitamin contains cod liver oil, bell pepper, butter, dairy products, and fish. Vitamin A is involved in the process of cell differentiation, maintains the integrity of skin cells. Eating foods rich in vitamin A can improve its condition.


Tone with lemon

Unfortunately, sometimes the skin of the elbows and knees become dark, and it is very ugly. To combat darkening, you can use ordinary lemon. It just needs to be cut in half and wiped with a dark aromatic juice. Lemon can whiten the skin and make it softer. Regularly rubbing elbows and knees with a lemon, you can get rid of the strong coarsening and prevent it.



Correct skin care will make your body fit and slow the aging process. Light dress with open sleeves, summer t-shirts and mini-skirts will again become actual.

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