Useful amount of fruit for the figure per day

All of us think that fruit is extremely useful. But this far not so. Any fruit is a source of sugar, and hence calories. Let’s figure out how many fruits can actually be eaten without harming slender shapes.

Fruits are an important component of the diet because they help to maintain the immune system. They are sources of antioxidants and fiber. Since they are essentially carbohydrate foods rich in simple sugars, their consumption must be controlled.

A day try to eat one to two servings of fruit. One portion-about 100 grams (one Apple, pear, banana, handful of berries).

This norm includes fresh, frozen, canned fruits, dried fruits and juices.

Eating one portion of fruit, you get a boost of energy and a surge of strength, so they should not eat at night, so as not to raise blood sugar levels and thereby interfere with the body to prepare for sleep. Fruit is better to eat in the morning or when you have to work actively. Fresh juices can be drunk before the competition to recharge your batteries.

However, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you can give preference to vegetables, not fruits. All fruits and berries have fiber, its fruits 0.5-2.7%, and berries — up to 5%. Apples contain mainly fiber, which is subjected to splitting and assimilation, it helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body. Content pectin substances in fruits-0.5-1.5%, the most they are rich of apples, apricots, gooseberries, plum, currant.

Of course, fruits, like vegetables, are rich in vitamins: C, K, P, b, minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. Also present are organic acids: malic, citric, tartaric. More carbohydrate are dried fruits: banana (89 kcal), figs (74 kcal), grapes (69-66 kcal), pomegranate (68 kcal), guava (68 kcal).

And less caloric watermelon (25 kcal), lemon (31 kcal), cranberry (32 kcal), grapefruit (32 kcal), strawberry (32 kcal). Studies around the world have shown that each serving of fruit or vegetables reduces the risk of premature death, but after five servings a day it ceases to function.

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