Vitamins to gain weight

Generally, people take vitamins to support the recommended diet. There are some Vitamins to gain weight. By increasing appetite and slowing your body’s digestion. It helps in speeding up the Vitamins to gain weightweight gain process. That means if you want to gain weight then you need to take more calories and vitamins to speed up the process. This is healthier and safer alternative.

There are many vitamins that work this way. One is Thiamin. This is water soluble B vitamins. This vitamin helps to increase your appetite; it is useful to gain weight. There are many foods from them you can get Thiamin, like brown rice, whole grain and meat, etc. If you consume this kind of food regularly it will increase Thiamin in your body. Normally a man can take 1.2 mg Thiamin daily and woman 1.1 mg; this is the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

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Vitamins to gain weightIn recent studies it has been found that old women who has insufficient of vitamin D gain more weight than who has sufficient vitamin D. So, here vitamin helps to lose weight.
In some studies it has been seen that prenatal vitamins causes weight gain. When women took regular exercise and take same food as they took before taking this vitamin, they gain weight. You may want to know what prenatal vitamin is. Prenatal vitamins are consists of different vitamins and minerals. Generally pregnant women took this for the health of both baby and herself. Different prenatal vitamins work differently, because they consume different kinds of vitamins and minerals

If you start taking prenatal vitamins it may cause several symptoms, like appetite decreasing, headache, muscles pain and aches, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, stomach upset etc. It may possible that it may affect the liver negatively, because unintentionally it may overload the lever by iron and vitamins. And this may cause metal toxicity. If your stool color became black to tarry you should immediately contact with your doctor.

In some studies declare that we don’t get all necessary nutrients for our daily needs. So, for missing any nutrition anyone can miss their necessary muscles or became less weighed person. In that case if you take a multivitamin and mineral formula daily regularly, it may recover that nutrition and may help you to gain your weight. There are some recommended ways to take these multivitamin. Like

a) Take one daily with breakfast or any other big meal.
b) If you are not getting enough from your food then you can take SuperCalcium+ and SuperOmega-3 as necessary.

Multivitamins doesn’t give big amount of weight gaining, we should remember that.Weightgainvitamins_2
Before taking just any vitamin, you should know whether that medicine is clinically tasted and proven to use for human body. Some companies claim that their products help to promote fat. They also improve body immunity, they avoid all kind of side effects like decrease appetite etc.

Some weight gaining medicine is only for animals. Some people use those for their weight gaining too. Those are really very harmful for human body. People should take care of these situations.
For some people gaining some pounds is a big problem. People who need little more weight they can try some vitamins which might help to gain little more weight. The University of Maryland Medical Center made a study that announce that vitamin A may cause some extra weight as a side effect. In 2007, May this study has been published.

The best way of gaining weight is to take food that is rich in protein and unsaturated fats, like meats, nuts, and vegetable oils, whole grains etc. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign made research and give us info that the only way to get weight is to have more calories than you burn. Here you can take multivitamins to ensure that you are getting all nutrition that your body needs to support and grow well.

The Harvard School of Public Health made a study and found that by taking multivitamins helps the pregnant woman and their child to gain enough weight and have a healthy life. Obviously a pregnant woman becomes loss of nutrition and she needs something extra. For the growth of the baby she needs to take extra vitamins to gain weight.

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