Ways to Gain Weight

If you are suffering from malnutrition and underweight problems, then you are at the right place where you can get some inspirations on how to get some extra pounds. This article focuses on some effective ways to gain weight.

To gain weight you have to eat foods that give you high calories, so that the in calories exceed the out calories. The different will converted to some weight.
Some people may think of eating junk foods, but junk foods will harm your overall state instead of helping you. Junk foods contain a huge amount of sugar and sodium which are recommended for a healthy body. Definitely, we are blessed with a wide range of foods that are both rich in nutrients and energy as well. Avocados, olives, legumes, seeds and nuts are good examples. Additionally, poultry seafood meats and dairy products are so recommended.


The point is to eat foods that contain more calories not to eat more. It is not required to stuffing yourself with foods. All you need is to learn which food enjoys more calories.
Another myth, some people stick to eating fried foods like fish sticks chicken nuggets and French fries. Foods that are prepared by frying are not healthy. Instead, cook your meals by roasting, stirfrying and baking. Just take into account that gaining weight cannot be achieved overnight, you need to pay some efforts.

Some Ways to gain weight

Here are some suggestions and inspirations that can help you reaching bulkier body, read on.

From now onwards use whole-grain foods because they contain both useful nutrients and high carbohydrates. For breakfast, a piece of toast from whole-grain plus peanut butter will do the work.

When preparing your omelet, stir some cheese so that you increase the calories and you will enjoy the new taste.

For fruit, you can add almond butter to the apple pieces. Wow! They are really delicious and yummy.

For those who like yogurt, they can add honey and sprinkle some smashed nuts over it.

Make your own trail mix for on the run snack purposes.

Potatoes and sweet corn are very helpful for gaining some extra pounds quickly.


Some beverage is high calories container like fresh juices and milk.

You should follow balanced plan which contains all the food groups. Your meals should contain carbohydrates, fat, vegetables and protein.

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The protein source may be tofu, fish, legumes, seafood, poultry or meat. Plus protein source, you should some colors to your meal (vegetables and fruits). Now you can add the energy-rich foods such as sweet corn, pasta rice and potatoes. Adding some virgin olive or coconut oil to your dishes and salads is very useful. For snacking purpose, make your own mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.


For bread, breads are great for increasing the weight. The better, you can use bread that is made of nut or peanut butter. Bagels contain more calories (triple) than normal breads. So, it is more helpful.


When you make sandwiches, increase the calories by stirring some pieces of avocado and cheese.
Some people believe in supplements. Certainly, some supplements are useful especially when we want to increase and enhance the process of food absorption and digestion. However, some products are harmful. So, be aware and do not use any medicine without consulting your health care provider. Food and Drug Administration in the United States announced some harmful tainted bodybuilding products, so have a look at the list.

Another channel for increasing the weight is through building muscles. Indeed, bulky, flabby bodies are not lovely at all. The target is to have sculpted and toned body. Exercising is the only way for having well-shaped body. Stationary bicycling, running and resistance training are all helpful. You can visit a gym, health club or even you can practice at home. To practice at home, make use of the web and YouTube videos to exercise successfully.

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Summarizing up

Indeed, gaining weight is as challenging as losing weight. It is not difficult to gain some weight but the point is to be patient and understand your situation carefully. Underweight can cause many medical problems, so for those who are underweight; they should consult a doctor to learn why they are thin and ways to gain weight. There are many reasons for being underweight. It may be due to appetite loss, eating disorders or due to certain medical conditions.

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