What shoes every girl should have?

When we talk about shoed for girls, the first think come into our mind if “heels”. Women loves to wear heels because its increase their height and enhance the body posture. Heels is one of the most important type of women shoes that every girl should have. But do you know, there are many different types of heels available in market. No, I am not just talking about colors or size but also the shape of heels. Heels are available in boots, sandals and Stilettos.

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Today we will discuss about the types of shoes every women should own, why? Because shoes is the most important mark of overall makeup. Whenever you asked from the female celebrity about their fashion statement, they always mention shoes and even there is a famous quote that “a person is known by his shoes”.

shoes every woman should own

Historically, women want to looks taller than their original height because naturally they are bit smaller than man in most of the world. Heels are defiantly the most wanted shoes by girls but they cannot be wear in all type of situations, for example women can’t wear them during workout or when they plan to visit beach etc. But still in 90% situations, women prefer and wear heals like outing with friends in morning or evening, work place or just a formal meeting with co-workers etc.

To know what types of shoes every woman should own we need to know more about the types of shoes including the types of heels. Following i am sharing with you the list of shoes every woman should have in her closet. So they don’t need to be worried about in future when she is preparing to go out.

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The ladylike shoe

A perfect selection for those ladies who are not sure what to wear and when to wear. The ladylike shoe can be wear in any situation, whether you are working lady or you have to attend your friend’s wedding, the ladylike shoes will never disappoint you in any situation. So every women should own this shoe in their closet. They are available in many verities, colors and designs.

shoes every woman should have in her closet


The Ankle-Strap Sandal

These types of sandals are safe to wear as compare to other types of heels due to its ankle strap. You can go with any height when you purchase the ankle strap sandals. These suits with all types of clothing, specially jeans and high bottoms. the ankle straps are available in different types of material but consider leather ankle strap for your date night specially in black color.

shoes every girl should have

The party shoe

These are for young girls from 14-21. The party shoes are usually shiny and more fun to wear in party, gathering in evening or noon. These high heel sandals also works with almost all types of clothing but make sure to not wear very shiny party shoes with dark color of jeans or trouser. As compare to other types of shoes and heels for women, the party shoes are available in more colors, sizes, and style and surprisingly they are most cheap in price as compare to other types of shoes. A perfect height for party shoes are from 3-5 inches, rest depends on your height.

types of shoes every woman should own

The work flats

These shoes are mostly designed for working women and those who are above 30 because they provide so much comfortable. But wait, now these are available in many styles colors and shapes so if you are a young girl and looking for most comfortable shows then you should have work flats shoes in your collection. From school to office, enjoy them with almost all kind of cloths every day.

work flats

The Snow Boot

Without snow boots, your winter could not be end. They are not just symbol of fashion but also protect your feet from snow and provide warm feeling in cold winter. The snow boots can be only wear with jeans because they does not fit with other types of clothing, specially you can’t wear them in inner door activities and functions.

snow boot

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