Why need to warm up before workout

Warming up is an important part of sports training. Any professional and trainer will tell you: before to rush on simulators and to start up in all sports it is important to make a warm-up. This part of the “ballet” in no case should not miss.

Kinds of the warm-up

Warm-up is divided into General, special, articular, meditation. The general can be fulfilled under any sports program. Its purpose is to set you on a working mode, to enable the system to work. This workout consists of aerobic movements-running, walking, Cycling, step, exercises with light weight.

Special warm-up starts motor centers in the cerebral cortex (in order to better do the basic exercise) and depends on your training program and sports direction. It includes basic exercises that you will do during training, but not as intense (squats, bench press).

Articular warm — up is one of the subspecies of the special. It lives up to its name: the work included the greatest number of joints. This warm up is performed slowly and smoothly. It is important to keep an eye on breathing, so that during exercise it is not quickened.

Meditation is very popular among martial arts fans. It is performed in a slow and calm and prepare for battle. This system is developed by a coach.

Pros of the warm-up

Warm-up should not be missed at least because of what bonuses it brings to your health. Improves the saturation of all systems with oxygen, the body becomes stronger, the reaction rate increases, decreases the need for energy (CNS gets tired more slowly). Ligaments become more elastic, muscles-hardy (saturated with blood), increased concentration, which together allows you to avoid injuries during basic training. Is there a reason to immediately begin the warm-up!

General rules of warm-up

The task of the warm-up is to prepare you for sports records, not to exhaust. Therefore, it is important to follow the rules.

  1. Usually warm-up from the General training process should take 10-15 minutes. To start the exercise immediately after warm-up is not worth it, relax for 5 minutes.
  2. Even if you do sports in the evening, and before that all day were on his feet, warm-up before class must be only short. In the morning, the warm-up should always last longer than in the evening, as the body needs time to Wake up.
  3. Unlike the training process during warming up everything should be done gradually, without increasing the pace.
  4. If you are a beginner, entrust the selection of the workout program to the coach: it depends on your training system and the level of training, so it should be individual.
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